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opied from Chainfire post:
This rooted kernel is for the "rooting beginners" and those who want to keep as close to stock as possible. CF-Root takes the kernel from an original Samsung firmware (S5830: compiled ext4 as module with ext2, ext3 and ext4 support), and just adds root, busybox, and (unprotected recovery and CWM compatibility) OR (CWM3). S5830: using a modified official CWM4 for Samsung Galaxy Ace.

If you are looking for highly optimized kernels or kernels that perform specific functions, look elsewhere. All CF-Root's are based on original Samsung kernels, they are NOT recompiled, and thus ensure maximum compatibility. S5830: have a kernel version compiled from Samsung original kernel source using a config file extracted from device.

THIS IS NOT A ROM - it is only a kernel (S5830: boot and recovery image). You need to have a firmware already on your device (S5830: tested on stock Gingerbread XXKPH, XWKPN, and DXKPB). You do NOT need to wipe anything for this patch. You DO need to read the instructions.


There have now been over 200.000 downloads of CF-Root for various devices (1700+ for CF-Root-S5830 b80), and many more if you include ROMs, kernels, etc that use it. Don't be a leech, buy Chainfire a beer (and use the "Thanks" button!)

Some binary files added:
-- Root, su binary v2.3.2-efgh
-- Superuser v2.3.6.3
-- Busybox v1.17.2 for the boot image and v1.16.2androidminimal for the recovery image (from CWM)
-- A modified CWM

Instructions (short)
- Boot into recovery and flash CF-Root-S5830-v3.7-b82.zip. Done.

Instructions (long)

- Booting into recovery will immediately give you CWM4! The standard recovery is completely gone.
- ADB is functional in recovery.
- When connected to ADB in recovery, you will get root directly.
- If you wonder where your bootup sounds have gone, CF-Root probably renamed them.

CWM Manager
Same as Chainfire's CF-Root
- Boot to CWM
- Backup firmware
- Restore backups (S5830: Do not use CWM Manager to restore any backup for now, use CWM Advance Backup directly!)
- Delete backups
- Install APKs
- Flash CWM update.zip's
- Flash kernels (zImage, zImage in TAR, zImage in ZIP, zImage in TAR in ZIP) (S5830: you have to rename boot.img to zImage)

Tweak Manager
Same as Chainfire's CF-Root, except:
- Kernel: Scheduler option always disabled on boot. Kernel scheduler tweak not working on S5830.
- Now have "DT: Auto start" option to turn on/off Darktremor a2sd script on boot. Don't worry, Darktremor apps2sd setting is persistent, event you turn off the auto start script. It's safer to turn a2sd auto start off!

Ext4 Manager
Same as Chainfire's CF-Root.

Obviously you should revert back to rfs before flashing a new stock/modified ROM!

S5830: No need to revert back to rfs before flashing a new stock Gingerbread ROM! Tested using XXKPH, XWKPN, and DXKPB.

Custom boot / init scripts
Same as Chainfire's CF-Root.

Mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 to /system/sd if the microSD second partition present (ext2, ext3, or ext4), do not remove the microSD while S5830 ON (event after unmounted from "SD card and phone storage settings"), turn off your phone first before eject the microSD! It's safe to connect your phone to PC and mount the first partition (FAT/FAT32) in mass storage mode.

Custom boot animations and binaries
Same as Chainfire's CF-Root. S5830: DXKPB have a bug (or Samsung made it), bootanimation not closed when boot complete, CF-Root fix it!

Dark Tremor apps2sd:
A modified DT's apps2sd to guarantee no longer interfere Wi-Fi, BT, GPS, etc. Flash it using CWM recovery or CWM Manager - Flash update.

CF-Root by default not automatically start DT a2sd script on boot. Run Tweak Manager and select "DT: Auto start" option, then "Apply changes" to reboot your phone. When booting, bootloop will occur several times during DT apps2sd activation for the first time.

Installing busybox over the included version
Don't do it!

How ?
- Base on Chainfire's CF-Root, used a modified mkbootfs in order files in /sbin have the appropriate permissions.
- A modified CWM4 package to make sure ext4 Manager conversion scripts working as expected.
- Boot logo modification, references from here and here.

The original post (in Indonesian): CF-Root-S5830XXKPH.

BUGFIX: b82-ex-fixed
Fix for following bugs:
  1. Auto boot when plugged into the charger/USB from off state or turned off when the device connected to charger/USB
  2. Gallery3D freeze after browsing some pictures, and then fail to display 3D textures in all 3D app
Copy b82-ex-fixed.zip to SD card and then install it via "CWM Manager - Flash kernel"!

UPDATE: CF-Root-S5830 v3.7 b82-ex
  • swap and BLN support
  • Using a kernel compiled from source, the config file extracted from DXKPB device (/proc/config.gz) with small modification
  • Need a patched Service Manager (services.jar) installed on deodexed framework for fully working BLN. Backup your /system/framework/services.jar first!

UPDATE: CF-Root-S5830 v3.7 b82
The original update (in Indonesian): CF-Root-S5830-v3.7-b82
  • Single *.zip for both boot and CWM recovery image. Flashable using stock or CWM recovery!
  • Using Samsung Galaxy Ace DXKPB stock kernel (, don't blame me if you got SOD
  • ext4 as a module
  • wifi module (ar6000.ko) included, so this version of CF-Root-S5830 will work on all versions of Gingerbread
  • Busybox installed in /system/xbin
  • Need the new CF-Root-S5830_ext4-v1.3u3.apk for rfs and ext4 filesystem conversion
  • Bootanimation fix, kill bootanimation when boot done (DXKPB bugfix?). Android Scribble as demo bootanimation, delete /data/local/bootanimation.zip if you don't like it
  • cifs.ko and tun.ko included, no need separate package
  • Since using the stock kernel, have no BLN and swap support
  • Small size boot and recovery image, ~5MB each

UPDATE: CF-Root-S5830 v3.7 b80
  • kernel compiled using gcc version 4.5.2 (Sourcery G++ Lite 2011.03-42)
  • swap support
  • ext3, ext4 filesystem support
  • lzma initramfs support
  • kernel log buffer size: 12 -> 4KB
  • small-memory-footprint RCU -> Tiny RCU
  • default kernel command string: mem=330M console=NULL hw=5 fbaddr=0xf6000 quiet
  • printk without timing information
  • debug info disabled
  • alsa debug disabled
  • unnecessary LCD and battery printk removed
  • BLN kernel support, modified liblights.msm7k.so
  • wifi module taken from XWKPN to make a single distribution for both KPH and KPN
  • recovery b79: fix CSC flashing error

Single distribution for both KPN and KPH. For full BLN support, you have to install KPH/KPN services on deodexed framework. Backup your /system/framework/services.jar first!

UPDATE: CF-Root-S5830 v3.7 b78
  1. Using only 1 system property from the previous 21 (CF-Root + DT apps2sd). Now is guaranteed CF-Root no longer interfere Wi-Fi, BT, GPS, etc. It's a big problem if Android system property reach the 247 limit. You can use "getprop | grep -c ]" to count registered system property.
  2. The tweak script in /system/etc/init.d, it allows advanced users to do further tweaking
  3. New icon for CWM, Tweak, and ext4 Manager. Thanks to moemooo.
  4. Using CWM4 recovery. CWM4 re-packaged to ensure the ext4 Manager script working as expected. The ext4 script also improved, check SD card second partition also.
  5. Modified Darktremor apps2sd to use the CF-Root busybox. Reducing system property need to 0. Method of mounting SD card second partition fixed, false filesystem type detection will not happen.
  6. Turn the button backlight when the CF-Root script starts executed and turn it off upon completion. This could be an indicator of a problem and inform the user how long the CF-Root script is executed. Apparently fast so the already b78 user was not aware of this new feature
  7. Tweaks LCD in Tweak Manager changed as a switch for toggling a2sd script execution when booting.

CF-Root-S5830-v3.7-b84.zip (12.55 MB)
BUGFIX: Invisible boot animation.
Install CF-Root-S5830-v3.7-b84.zip via "CWM recovery" first and then install b84-fixed.zip via "CWM Manager - Flash kernel"!

CF-Root-S5830-v3.7-b83.zip (12.38 MB)
- Untested since on CyanogenMod 7.2 firmware for now
- Using b82 recovery image
- CPU and system bus overclock enabled
- GPU driver backported from 2.6.35-11 kernel source
- interactive, interactiveX, smart*ss, and smart*ssV2 governor
- Samsung on the fly governor setting disabled
- WiFi driver taken from DXKPD

CF-Root-S5830-v3.7-b82.zip (11.95 MB)
Don't use the older version of CF-Root-S5830, I leave the attachments here since like to see the comparison between the number of downloads and the thanks list

CF-Root-S5830-v3.7-b82-ex.zip (11.83 MB)
The -ex version have swap and BLN support. This version using a kernel compiled from source, the config file extracted from DXKPB device (/proc/config.gz) without alot modification. Need a patched Service Manager (services.jar) for fully working BLN. Only DXKPB Service Manager attached here (CF-Root-S5830_DXKPB-services.zip) for now. You can patch your deodexed services.jar base on neldar's patch or ask me to do it.

A modified ext4 Manager to make it work on Galaxy Ace. Need a modified CWM4 recovery, not sure will work on official CWM4 from illarain/koush. This version show /system/sd partition size.

A reference multi CSC, taken from XWKPN (Europe?) and DXKC1 (Asia?). Default CSC: Indonesia . A good reference for ROM cooker
sec_csc.zip (3.69 MB)

*Sumber : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1158197

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